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We will come to your place and play the album live - you provide the outdoor space, invite your friends. Let's celebrate. The full band will perform the entire new album plus whatever other SF tunes you want to hear. Basically you get a house concert. For those further out than a 50 mile radius of central NJ we may have to negotiate a different price to accommodate travel expenses. You can do this (and still be safe via common sense social distancing and face masks). Live music is not dead!! Of course you get a digital download of the new album plus CD or vinyl. Let us know your preference. Oh and of course you get the full acoustic album as a bonus too.

  $200 USD or more 

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  1. Pack Up Your Shadows – Pack Up Your Shadows Physical CD

    $16 USD

  2. Pack Up Your Shadows – Pack Up Your Shadows 12" Vinyl Record

    $20 USD

  3. Pack Up Your Shadows – VINYL BUNDLE (2 Records One Low Price)

    $30 USD

  4. SF 2019 T-Shirt

    $15 USD

  5. Saratoga – SF 2019 Saratoga Ultimate Bundle (12" Vinyl, CD, T-Shirt, Sticker)

    $35 USD

  6. Saratoga – Saratoga 12" Vinyl

    $20 USD

  7. Saratoga – Saratoga Physical CD

    $10 USD

  8. Ichor of Nettle – SF Ultimate Bundle 2017

    Sold Out

  9. Ichor of Nettle – Limited Edition 10” Vinyl - Into the Battle

    Sold Out

  10. Ichor of Nettle – Ichor of Nettle Physical CD in Digipak w/ lyrics

    $10 USD

  11. Captains of Industry, Captains of War – Captains of Industry, Captains of War (physical cd)

    $10 USD

  12. Pine Hill (4-song EP 2014) – Pine Hill - physical CD

    $4 USD

  13. Snow Day (Take it Easy) – The Successful Failures / Taggart 12" Limited Edition Vinyl Christmas Album
    The Successful Failures / Taggart

    $12 USD

  14. Here I Am (2012) – "Here I Am" digi pack CD

    $10 USD

  15. Here I Am (2012) – "Here I Am" digi-pack CD with SF T-Shirt

    Sold Out

  16. Ripe for the Burning (2007) – Ripe for the Burning Physical CD

    $8 USD

  17. Three Nights (2010) – Three Nights digi-pack CD

    $8 USD

  18. Bridges Over the Delaware (5-song ep-2007) – Physical CD in Jewel Case

    $3.99 USD

  19. The Real Defenders of the Acropolis (Ep-2011) – The Real Defenders of the Acropolis CD in cardboard sleeve

    $5 USD

  20. The Successful Failures (2006) – The Successful Failures Physical CD in Jewel Case

    $8 USD


The Successful Failures Trenton, New Jersey

Formed in 2005 in Pine Hill, NJ The Successful Failures are Mick Chorba (guitar, vocals), Ron Bechamps (bass, mandolin, vocals), Rob Martin (drums), and Pete Smith (guitar). Eight full length albums under their collective belts and the band is still difficult to pigeon-hole. Call them indie-rock, power-pop, roots, or Americana, or better yet: no-nonsense rock 'n' roll. ... more

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